Spanish Lessons with a Cultural Twist      50256478635
Location: Antigua and Surrounding Villages
Price: $ 193 per week
  • 4 hours of Spanish Lessons per day ($ 118 per week)
    Monday to Friday.  In the afternoons, travellers will learn during one-on-one grammar and vocabulary lessons as well as explore Antigua and surrounding villages as part of the conversation part of the lessons.  Mornings are free time for the students.  They can easily go to the city centre, walk in surrounding villages or go to some suggested sites.
  • Homestay in Guatemalan home including 6 days of meals ($75 per week)
    Sleeping accomodation in a Guatemalan family home.  Please note that these homes do not have the same luxuries as what many people are used to in Western culture.  Come with an open mind for an enriching cultural experience!  The location of the family homes are outside of the centre of Antigua in one of the surrounding villages.  Shared bathroom.  Private bedroom.  Three meals per day (exept Sundays).  Simple, healthy, organic food prepared by local families.
  • Extras
    It is possible to get WIFI access during your homestay.  Cost varies depending on usage.  It is a service from a local provider and usually costs between $5 to $10 per week.  Please notify us if you wish to have this option upon arrival.
  • Photos of accomodation:

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