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Easter in Guatemala - Procession

Easter in Guatemala

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The month of lent, the 40 days before Easter, in Guatemala is an amazing cultural experience to be a part of.  In Antigua, Guatemala as well as in the surrounding villages, people gather to create these beautiful “Alfombras”; carpets made from cloured saw dust.  They work through the night, hours on end to create beautiful designs.  Usually, the following day, there is a procession through the town.  Groups of people, usually men, even sometimes children will dress in a traditional purple costume and carry huge floats with statues representing various scenes relating to lent.  People gather to watch these processions as they walk through the beautiful Alfombras.

Most of these processions take place during Semana Santa, the wholy week before Easter.  However, many processions occur during lent.  Processions leave certain churches on designated days.  These occur even in some villages before the start of lent.  If you are in Guatemala during this time, contact us to find out how you can take part in this experience by spending time with locals and creating these beautiful alfombras and seeing the processions at various churches and in different villages.  We offer special custom semana santa tours during this very special time in Antigua, Guatemala.


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