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Travel and Learn Spanish
Based in Antigua, Guatemala
The perfect Hub for all your Guatemala travels
Explore the unbeaten track while conversing with a qualified teacher in Spanish
Spanish lessons combined with cultural exploration

Spanish Lessons with a Cultural Twist

Learn Spanish through lessons and converse while exploring villages and sites surrounding Antigua.
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Study Spanish in Guatemala: Private Spanish lessons in Antigua with a cultural twist

Study Spanish in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala.  Explore Guatemalan culture with Marcos, an experienced Spanish teacher with a passion to share his culture through language lessons and tours.  These lessons are structured to your style of learning and to your level of Spanish; from complete beginner to more  advanced learners.  Not only will you get to study Spanish in Guatemala, but you will also learn so much about the local way of life from the unique experiences that studying with this local teacher will bring you.  Visit surrounding villages and eat the local food for an unforgettable experience.

Spanish Classes and Cultural Exploration Packages

Special Tours for Semana Santa

Holy Week in Guatemala

Semana Santa Contact Marcos to find out about special tours for holy week in Antigua, Guatemala as well as for the duration of lent. Many special...
$ 19 US

Spanish Conversation Cultural Tours

Walking Tour of Ruins

See some of Antigua’s beautiful ruins while practising your Spanish language skills.  This two hour Spanish conversation cultural tour...
$ 19 US

Visit in Rural School

One of the most memorable experience for many of Marcos’ students.  Spend some time in a rural school.  This Spanish conversation cultural...
$ 19 US

Antigua Villages

This Spanish conversation cultural tour consists of a tour of villages of Antigua.  You will discover the real Guatemala while learning about...
$ 19 US

Antigua From Above

Practice your Spanish while discovering beautiful views of Antigua.  Marcos will take you by car, to various lookout points from which you can...
$ 19 US

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Be Happy in Antigua

Discover Guatemalan Culture and Language

Marcos is a qualified teacher who has 16 years of experience. He was born in Santa Ana, and now lives in Ciudad Vieja with his wife and son.